11 New Year’s Resolutions Successful People Make Every Year

Get Organized
Life is messy. Don’t make it worse by living in an untidy home or working surrounded by stacks of paper. You might not realize it, but clutter can hurt productivity and make it harder to focus. Similarly, if you’re not keeping a schedule handy, you’re wasting a lot of mental energy trying to remember where you’re supposed to be or what you’re supposed to be doing at any given time.
Resolve to get more organized this year, and start with your workstation. Get rid of old notes on your desk and clear out your computer desktop. If you have 10,000 emails staring you down, take a couple of hours to clear them out. Chances are, the vast majority of your emails don’t require your attention.
Set up folders in your email to keep your inbox tidy and keep a notepad open and a pen handy for ad-hoc tasks and ideas. If you’re notorious for having a messy desk, invest in a filing cabinet and designate specific drawers for different kinds of paperwork. In a few months, go through your drawer and see what you can dump. You’ll be surprised at how much junk accumulates.

Manage Time Well
Highly-successful people know that managing time well is a crucial part of mastering their careers and personal lives. The key to this resolution is to maximize your productivity within specific blocks of time. Outside of those time frames, relax and enjoy personal hobbies.
"There is nothing worse for productivity than placing no limits on your time," said John Vespasian, author of "When Everything Fails, Try This." He suggested setting strict timelines and getting things done within those limits. Vespasian also urged people to use downtime — such as waiting on a client call — to catch up on emails or enjoy a book.

Create Your 2018 ‘Sinking Funds’
Not all savings accounts are created alike. You should have a general emergency savings account, and savings account for retirement. But you should also have a savings account for any big-ticket items you will purchase in the year.
"Your sinking funds are automatic savings accounts that are building for something you know you’re going to spend money on this year," said Chris Peach, founder of Money Peach. "What will you spend on Christmas next year, what will you need for your vacation this summer, or how much will you have to save up for your sister’s wedding across the country in November? Divide the amount needed by the number of months remaining and create an automatic savings plan for when that day comes. Do this for each major expense coming up in 2018 and then rinse and repeat."
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