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Financial Organization

Caring for the financial organization of a small business involves managing revenues and expenses, managing cash flow, and maintaining working capital at appropriate levels for the smooth running of the business. In a list like this, it sounds simple, but who needs to ensure order in corporate finance knows the task is complex.

We will introduce you practical tips on how to handle your company’s financial situation, improve management, organize reports and balance sheets. The relationship with accounting and the choice of the accountant.

Having clarity about the financial situation of the organization helps in setting and negotiating prices paid to suppliers and customer charges, for example. You need everything organized to pay taxes and duties on time.

When tax season comes, are you prepared and ready or stressed and exasperated?
Curtis E Organizing helps you with systems and solutions designed to keep ahead of your needs and be ready for your tax preparer. We work with you to see what apps, files, and systems best meet your business needs and help you to keep your financials organized.
When you need something, do you know “right where it is?”
Curtis E Organizing builds systems around you and your business so that paperwork does not overwhelm you. We explore document storage, digital storage apps, and workspace solutions for your specific needs.

Office Organization

Where you work affects the way you work. Working in a messy, cluttered environment, or with distractions will affect your work, and probably in a negative way.

If you are like the average worker, you spend most of your time sitting in front of a computer screen. Even if your work revolves around a computer, your office as a whole should help you to be as productive as possible.

A well-organized office has huge benefits. First, it provides a sense of control and competence, which leads to higher levels of productivity. Second, the fact that it is organized prevents distractions. Your office being organized can absorb new jobs and position you for success.

Virtual Assistant

We are in the era of connectivity. Today, thousands of relationships and relationships end up being established at a distance. And that shows how technology is positively changing our lives.

We offer virtual assistants trained and assist you with YOUR specific business needs in mind, Call or Click for a consultation to find out how we can help YOU be more productive.

All this for a fraction of what would cost a desk face-to-face in your company. So if your company wants to improve service while still reducing costs, virtual assistants can be a great way out.

Would having someone “on call” help you build your business?
Curtis E Organizing has been aiding busy professionals virtually, helping schedule travel, solve problems on the fly, and keeping information at the ready, for over ten years. Let me help you make your life easier.
Do you have trouble keeping a schedule?
Curtis E Organizing helps you build your process to keep ahead of your business. I assess your learning style and determine what methods and tools will work best for you and your business needs.

Time Management

Do you know how much time you spend on running the activities in your service or company? If your answer is no, most likely there is a sign of disorganization in your performance, which at some point will appear through results that are below your expectation.

Knowing how to use the time in your favor is essential to succeed in day-to-day tasks, preventing them from accumulating and resulting in more work.

You will rarely find a successful company that does not have a schedule, the only difference is that it is often more elaborate and complex than the one used to organize. Usually, this schedule is given through the business plan.

Are you having trouble making your own schedule and managing your time better? Call or click to see how we can help YOU!

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