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Municipalities / Property Manager

Are you a town or city manager? A common problem being experienced by municipalities and property management is the inability to access a property in case of repair emergency. Private homes may not be accessible for safety or maintenance reasons.

Curtis E Organizing has experience working with municipalities, families, and social/senior services to ensure homes are safe for the return of occupants. We evaluate, advise decision-makers, and work to get the situation corrected quickly and safely.

Call today for an assessment or to discuss issues in your town or property and see how We can Help YOU!

What to do when you find your property abandoned?
Curtis E Organizing works with the property owner to resolve physical property and prepare for new leases or renters. We can help with organizing, packing, and storage while you resolve your legal position.
Preparing to sell your or your loved one’s home?
Curtis E Organizing can help ease the burden off while you’re busy packing for the next move in your or your loved one’s life. Our expertise relieves much of the transitional pressures often experienced throughout the task of consolidating and sorting precious possessions prior to moving into the next stage of life.


Curtis E Organizing is your first call for all of your property challenges. We help you work with the property owner and assist with a wide range of services like “discard and donate” tasks, help in prepping spaces for staging and sale, and strategically consolidating any/all storage options including basements, attics, garage and additional on or off-site storage units.

We provide free assessments and individual consultations to match exactly the services you need for each property. Call to see how We can Help YOU!

Contractors/Service & Repair Professionals

Curtis E Organizing always loves meeting potential partner service providers. Together, we can help you work with homeowners to provide clear access for your services to be complete. Less hassle, less stress, less work, and a more efficient use of your time.

Contact us and let us help you do your job with less hassle, less stress, and less work!

Facing an inefficient client or project and need a middleman?
Here at Curtis E Organizing, we have extensive experience working one on one with challenging homeowners and residents. We know it’s already hard enough for you to complete the project without obstacles. We are here to clear the way so you can get in, get your job done, and move on to the next task or project as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Do you have a senior who is downsizing or preparing to move to a new living situation?
Curtis E Organizing make transitions smooth. We evaluate living spaces, work with client and family members to curate belongings, manage what is left behind, and ensure the new space is to their expectations.

Senior and Transition Assistance Services

Curtis E Organizing is experienced in assessing and organizing transitional plans for people who may be moving into or out of care facilities. Our expertise helps secure each environment according to specific needs of the individual and their situation, as well as organizing their belongings for transport. We strive to leave each interaction with all parties at ease and delighted with their new home.

Contact us today and let us help you ensure a smooth and happy transition.

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