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Attic or Basement

Out of sight, out of mind. Attics and basements are great places for storing those items you rarely need. Multiply that, and after a few years (or decades), you have collection vast and deep that easily becomes overwhelming!

At Curtis E Organizing, we help you to get these areas back under your control, and it is not as overwhelming as you might think! We can help you take an inventory of what you have, determine a great plan to get it organized, and put that plan into action.

Do you know what your “STUFF” is costing you?
TIME: Once your attic or basement become cluttered, quickly finding that “one thing you need” you can become an hours long task.

MONEY: You would not believe the number of times we have found multiples of the same item hidden away in an attic. It’s easy to buy “a second” something when you don’t remember buying the first one a year or two ago.

SPACE: Keeping an organized storage area can make room for alternative uses.

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Why are my closets always out of control?
Most standard houses aren’t built with generous storage in mind. Smart closet storage is an afterthought for most builders, but they are one of the first “go-to” items for organizers.

With the right organizational system for your “stuff”, your closets can make your life easier. Closets simplify big chores by putting all your cleaners, pieces, and parts within an arm’s reach, and keeping all your small tools, pieces, and parts separate and organized and ready for you to create with! Closets can become your ultimate storage and organization partner!

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Household Closets

Making your whole house functional requires a look into what activities happen in your home and your traffic patterns in between them.

Curtis E Organizing has best practices and storage strategies that make tactical use of your closets. Closets can help manage the stress of “stuff”, keep your activities enjoyable, and save you time in tidying up (without becoming the area “catch all”).

Let us help you use your closets wisely and get you organized in no time!

Garage or Storage Units:

Two of the biggest problem areas for people are their garages and storage units. This is because they treat the garage as a storage unit or a storage unit like a garage.

A garage can become a “catch all” and accumulate a whole mess of things. Storage units and storage units can easily turn into a collection of forgotten items.

At Curtis E Organizing, we help you to create a system and routine that makes traffic areas easier to hold all of those “on the go” items. We can help you to create a strategy for storing items for a long term.

Are your cars in the Garage for the winter?
Depending on the season, your garage may be a storage area, a hub of maintenance and activity, or an “off the cuff” entertainment space.

At Curtis E Organizing, no matter the season, we can help you get more use out of your garage!

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Is your child having difficulty with their studies?
Sometimes kids have learning challenges because they don’t the right study space for their learning style. We can help you to create the best room for your child to find focus.

We help you put together all the activity spaces that kids need to help them study, play, and imagine.

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Kids Rooms

At Curtis E Organizing, we often get calls asking about kid’s rooms. Kids room always a fun challenge! They tend to hold a lot of assorted toys, books and “stuff”, need to be “easy” to organize, and are always different!

Let Curtis E Organization show you that there are super cool ways to organize children’s rooms!

Kids grow up too fast! And their room and space needs change just as quickly. From play area to study desk, we can help you make the adjustment for any situation.

Kitchen & Pantry

Every kitchen is different. Each has its strengths and challenges in layout, counter space, or cabinet storage and larger is not necessarily better! Larger kitchens and pantries can often lead to an over accumulation of food, tools, or clutter.

Curtis E Organizing specializes in helping you develop your space, so you always have everything you need at hand and know at a glance exactly what needs to be bought the next time you go to the market.

Ever thought of giving the “Gift of Organization”?
Need a great “out of the box” gift idea for newlyweds, a housewarming, or someone just looking to downsize? Call Curtis E Organizing and put together a special package for those special people in your life!

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